Can You Guess This Dog's Age?!

Can You Guess This Dog's Age?!

In society today, we are bombarded with the concept of eternal youth. From make-up specially formulated to target wrinkles, to specialized diets guaranteed to make you keep that youthful look.

The media relentlessly tries to convince us that it is attainable. Youth is associated with freshness, fitness, firmness, cuteness, and the list goes on. Now imagine if we never had to age, if we could retain our hard-earned life wisdom but remain in a youthful body. Well, one lucky fellow is experiencing exactly this, although not by virtue of choice!

A German-Shepherd called Ranger is two years old but still looks like a puppy. A condition called Pituitary Dwarfism has stunted his growth to the extent that he barely looks a few months old.

His baby-fluff and adorable big eyes make him simply irresistible. His loving mom, Shelby Mayo, noticed that he was smaller than his playmates when she chose him but attributed this to the parasite Coccidia. This was eradicated only to be replaced with another parasite called Giardia, which also eventually cleared.

Puzzled at Ranger’s constant state of puppyhood (he didn’t really seem to grow) and perpetual skin issues, dog mom Shelby took this good boy to a vet. The vet provided the final diagnosis. Ranger has Hypothyroidism, which basically means he does not have sufficient thyroid hormone in his body.

This condition is now being treated and Shelby’s little fluff-ball is flourishing and full of the joys of spring. His youthful appearance only adds to his appeal and needless to say, his cuteness will most likely allow him to get away with mischievous antics forever!

Images & Feature Image Source: ranger_thegshepherd

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