Caution: Do Not Go On Ice to Save Your Pup

Caution: Do Not Go On Ice to Save Your Pup

When winter is at its height, frozen ponds and lakes acquire a special beauty, and they are enticing. However, it is hard to gauge the thickness of the ice, hence the warning sounded by Wareham Fire Station in Dorset, England.

A representative of the station says:

“While frozen ponds, lakes and waterways look pretty and appear solid, there is no way of knowing how thick the ice is at any point, so you should never venture out on the surface’’

He recommends that when you are in the vicinity of a frozen body of water with your pup you should keep him on a lead. He also warns against playing ‘fetch and throw’ games on the frozen surface.

This is because you may not only endanger your pup, but it may also put your life at risk if he is in distress and you make an attempt to rescue him. Statistics show that more than half of the drownings that occur at frozen bodies of water are a result of failed rescue attempts involving dogs. Hence, by all means, enjoy the beautiful spectacle, but maintain a safe distance.

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