Chamomile Can Help Your Dog Deal With Anxiety And More

Chamomile Can Help Your Dog Deal With Anxiety And More

If you have had a cup of chamomile tea, you will attest to its relaxing effect. Unfortunately, not many dog parents know that chamomile supplements can also help their dog deal with stress, anxiety, and digestion, among other benefits.

Humans have been using Chamomile as far back as 1550 BC. The herbal supplement served as medicine for curing fever back then. It is consumed nowadays as a tea for calming stress and anxiety. Chamomile also has other benefits, including preventing osteoporosis and diabetic complications.

Chamomile is safe for dogs to consume when given in the right dose. Some health benefits your dog can get from Chamomile include:

Easing their anxiety

The way people feel relaxed after taking chamomile tea is how dogs will feel relaxed too after taking the supplement.

Soothing their skin

If your dog is experiencing itchy skin, Chamomile can help them feel much better. The herb’s anti-microbial properties help in healing skin irritation and infections.

Reducing eye irritation

Not only can chamomile be used to combat skin irritation, but it can also help with eye irritation

Improving digestion

The herb can help decrease discomforts related to gastrointestinal problems by relaxing the muscles in your dog’s stomach and bowel areas.

Before adding chamomile to your dog’s diet, it would be best to consult your veterinarian because it may have side effects for some dogs.

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