Chihuahua Mix Saved From The Streets Of LA - Now Seeks Forever Home!

Chihuahua Mix Saved From The Streets Of LA - Now Seeks Forever Home!

This is an incredible story about a Chihuahua mix named Jenny who was rescued from the streets of LA.

About 6 months ago, a man named Eldad with Hope for Paws got a call about a Chihuahua who had been living on the streets of Los Angeles for several months. Neighbors had been feeding her, but the streets are no place for a dog – especially not a small Chihuahua.

When Hope for Paws went out to look for her, they found a Chihuahua mix cowering under a car, barking and afraid but with a little patience and food, they gradually gained her trust and were able to get a leash around her. As soon as the leash was around her neck and she felt human contact, she visibly relaxed. It’s like she knew she was safe and her fight was over.

From there, they took her to the hospital where she received a bath and medical treatment. They could tell right away she would need surgery for her Cherry Eye, but if you’re familiar with Hope for Paws, you know that’s no major obstacle for them.

They got her the surgery she needed and got her all cleaned up. Now it’s been 6 months since she was rescued and she is ready for her forever home.

Watch the video below of Jenny’s story!

Feature Image Source: Hope For Paws

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By: Krista White

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