Choosing The Right Dog Kennel For When You Travel Without Them

Choosing The Right Dog Kennel For When You Travel Without Them

It can be sad to leave your dog behind when you travel, but your parents and friends can’t be your default babysitter. It is much better to arrange a kennel for your dog, that way you know that they are in safe hands while you are away.

Choosing the right kennel takes some work but your pup is worth the effort, no?

Do some research

When looking for a dog kennel online, get images of the prospective facilities, and read as many reviews as you can. Thereafter, create a shortlist, the kennels listed will be the ones you will visit.

Visit the kennels

Taking a tour of the kennels can help narrow down your list and compare the online reviews and images to reality. Here are pointers to help separate bad kennels from good ones:

  • Cleanliness: Is the facility generally clean? Not just the area where your dog will stay.
  • Comfortable bedding: You may be required to bring your bedding, but ask if the facility has in case of accidents.
  • Space and ventilation: Is there enough space for dogs to move comfortably, and is there fresh air in the area where the dogs stay?. This is important because tight spaces can cause dogs to act aggressively.
  • Staff interaction: How do the staff handle the dogs in their various sizes? How do the dogs interact with one another? It’s usually a good sign if they keep smaller dogs from larger ones.
  • How does your dog feel: Bringing your dog along on the kennel tour to get their reaction will help inform your decision. Dogs express displeasure through restlessness or agitation, if you pick up one of these signs then you know your dog won’t have a great time in that specific kennel.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to a few facilities, its time to pick up on the details consider the following when making a final decision:

  • How do the staff members talk with and about the dogs?
  • Its important that the kennel is in contact with a veterinarian
  • What do former clients think of the facility?
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