Clever Dog Has A Special Trick To Free Up Favorite Spot on the Couch!

Clever Dog Has A Special Trick To Free Up Favorite Spot on the Couch!

Kilo and Gypsy were both rescued by Holly Suarez and they now stay with her at home. Naturally, they both love her to pieces and as Kilo proved, they will do anything to be close to her.

What did she do? Well, she came up with a trick to make Gypsy leave her spot next to Holly so that she can take the spot herself! What’s funny is that she has been using the trick for a while now and Gypsy falls for it every time. Holly even managed to capture it on video. Whenever Kilo finds Gypsy cuddled closest to Holly, she will pretend to play with something so that Gypsy comes to play with her. She will then pounce on the opportunity to fill the spot previously occupied by her sister.

The first time it happened, I thought, ‘What just happened? Did Kilo really just trick Gypsy? Dogs don’t do that, do they?” Suarez said. “I didn’t really think her plan would work, but it does — every time.

Kilo has been pulling the stunt for years now. Gypsy perhaps too trusting of her sister never seems to know what is going on. Or maybe she just lets her get away with it. However, it bothers her sometimes that Kilo doesn’t want to play with her. In such cases, Holly intervenes and plays with her! Other times Gypsy will just climb back on the couch and lie next to Kilo.

Even in that position, she will still be lying next to Holly because the couch has enough space. So, I’m guessing there is something else about the other spot that Kilo loves.

Feature Image Source: Holly Suarez

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