Clever Dog Surprises Mom At Work But It Was Her Day Off

Clever Dog Surprises Mom At Work But It Was Her Day Off

Liza Thayer works at an assisted living facility in Connecticut. Almost every day for the past year and a half, her dog Indy has followed her to work, and in no time, the facility became her second home. All the staff and residents there simply adored having her there.

One day, Liza took the day off because she wanted to attend her friend’s wedding. Since she wasn’t going to be home or at work, she asked her dad to take care of Indy while she was away. Indy, however, didn’t plan on staying home that day. In fact, she thought that her mom had accidentally left her at home that day. No worries, she knew her way there and figured she could make it on her own. And, that’s exactly what she did.

Indy walked the entire two miles on her own. Upon arrival, the staff and residents were surprised to see her there. They knew her mom was away at a wedding, so they called her to let her know what was happening. They usually drive there anyway, so she was surprised to hear that Indy walked there solo.

The staff and residents welcomed Indy with open arms, giving her pets and treats. It was a day well spent! At the end of the day, her mom’s boss gave Indy a ride back home, and her grandpa was there waiting for her as puzzled as anyone would be.

He was happy she was safe, and when her mom came home, she was just happy Indy was in good hands.

Images Source: Liza Thayer

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