Meet Willie, The Biker Doxie!

Meet Willie, The Biker Doxie!

Meet Wilhelm Von Wiggleswoof. Wow, that name is a mouthful but he also goes by Wilhelm or Willie for short. His human is a motorcycle lover and like many dog lovers, he wanted to find a way to bring his furry sidekick with him everywhere he went! Most dogs don’t ride on motorcycles though. I mean, how many have you seen riding motorcycles? Not many I’m betting.

However, Wilhelm’s dad didn’t let that stop him. He got a custom saddlebag made, complete with a windshield (to protect the little dachshund from the wind and any debris) and straps for a secure ride.

After getting Willie situated in the saddlebag, the duo are ready to cruise!

Willie seems to love to ride with his dad on the motorcycle!

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Feature Image Source: ProfessorBugger

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