Collie Watches Elderly Neighbor For Two Hours Until Help Arrived

Collie Watches Elderly Neighbor For Two Hours Until Help Arrived

Eighty-eight-year old Jack Josephson slipped and fell at his friend’s garage and two hours by his friend’s collie, Princess, while lying immobile, waiting for help to arrive.

Josephson’s friend and neighbor, 90-year old Paul Dennis, was, then, out of town to attend a funeral. Being close friends, the two agreed to share home keys and keep an eye on each other and their homes. That day, Josephson had brought his Dennis’ mail and checked on Princess. Though unscathed, he was unable to get up because he could not find something to prop himself up.

For 30 minutes, Josephson kept calling for help but no one came so he decided to stop and wait, instead, for help to come.

“She was a real companion and stayed really close to me during that time. It meant a lot to me that she did,” Josephson said, recounting how Princess waited with him, “Otherwise I would have laid there all alone and it would have been a very long afternoon…”

After two hours since his fall, Josephson’s daughter, Sharon Kassing, came to visit her parents. As soon as Princess sensed her, she bolted and tried to catch Kassing’s attention.

Kassing was petting Princess when she heard someone’s holler. She then rushed to find her dad on the ground, and then, called her mom to help her prop him up. Now recovered after the incident, Josephson fondly talks about Princess, who has since been Dennis’ companion since his wife died.

Feature Image Source: Sheila Bergren

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