How To Comfort Your Dog When You're Away

How To Comfort Your Dog When You're Away

The absolute worst thing about having a dog is that they can’t always be with you 100% of the time. Many dogs spend the day waiting for their humans to return from work or school – or just the grocery store. Whatever the scenario, it can be tough on dogs to be away from their “pack.” If they had it their way, you would be with them all the time, and for a lot of us, the feeling is mutual!

Both of my dogs are rescues and have had their bouts of separation anxiety so I know a thing or two about calming freaked out dogs.

It can be tough because by definition, you are not there when things are toughest for them, but I have found a few things that have worked well for me.

4. Exercise.
Making sure your dog is well-exercised before you leave makes a big difference! Take them for a run, walk, or long game of fetch – do something that will burn their energy while allowing them to bond with you. This strengthens your relationship and trust while also helping them burn excess energy that might otherwise turn into nervous behavior.

3. Be calm.
Dogs are very attuned to our own feelings, emotions, and pretty much anything we give off. If you want your dog to be calm when you leave, practice giving off calming energy when it’s time to leave. When they see you aren’t worried about it, they will be more likely to follow your lead and trust you.

2. Leave A Piece Of Yourself Behind.
Give your dog something that smells like you that they can snuggle while you are away. My personal favorite is the Snuggle Buddy because it’s incredibly soft and 100% for them so you don’t have to worry about getting holes in your favorite t-shirt. Plus, when you get one here, every order helps feed shelter dogs in need. When your dog has the scent of their favorite human there to comfort them, it helps them feel less alone and like a part of you is still there with them.

1. Come Home Calm.
As tempting as it is to get that excited welcome when you first come home, having an overly excited welcome can be really stressful for a dog. Instead, come home calm, avoiding eye contact until your dog has calmed down. Rewarding them with belly rubs and love only after they have calmed down will help encourage them to be in this calm state of mind. This helps them practice this behavior and drives it home that you really want to them to be calm and secure.

If you are concerned your dog may harm themselves while you are away, please contact a professional and speak with your vet about possible solutions – you can never be too safe when it comes to your fur kid!

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