Confused Pup Asked To "Sign" Package Due To Strict Post Office Requirements!

Confused Pup Asked To "Sign" Package Due To Strict Post Office Requirements!

When Chaya the boxweiler received a gift package from a family friend from a different country, her Mom Marie Palmgren thought going to pick it up from the post office would be a breeze.

Palmgren, who lives in Sweden, headed over to the post office to grab the present, but was met with a rather odd predicament. The cute gift was addressed directly to Chaya as an adorable gesture, and Palmgren had to provide the addressee’s signature and a valid ID.

Palmgren explained the situation and that Chaya is a dog, but this didn’t change the employees’ minds. Now, they wanted both Chaya’s ID and signature as well as Palmgren’s, since she was the “helper” who picked the package up.

Chaya was just as confused as her Mom was when that Mom headed back home and dug up Chaya’s registration documents that confirmed this was her pet. She then took Chaya along with her to the post office.

It took 15 minutes for staff to verify and accept Chaya’s ID, alongside Palmgren’s. But that still wasn’t enough – they needed the pup’s signature. Since dogs weren’t allowed in the post office, a member of staff took an ink pad off the desk and headed outside to meet Chaya. Palmgren had to press Chaya’s paw into the ink pad and then onto the notice that needed a signature. Chaya was understandably quite perplexed.

A video of this event and its explaining story soon went viral, and people were shocked that this wasn’t a sort of joke from the post office – they genuinely needed all of this. Some Swedish news outlets are using the incident as an example of how strangely extreme some government policy can get.

As for Chaya, she’s very happy with her brand new water fountain toy, and her Mom laughed so hard she got a stomach ache after the whole ordeal was over! The family friend that sent it feels sorry for causing the fiasco, but Palmgren doesn’t mind – after all, it made so many people laugh!

Images & Feature Image Source: Marie Palmgren

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