Cop On A Routine Call Ends Up Falling In Love With A Puppy!

Cop On A Routine Call Ends Up Falling In Love With A Puppy!

After being dumped in the middle of the night, a young little dog was already facing a sad fate. In near-freezing temperatures, officers responded to a call stating that there was a small dog that was left outside overnight.

They were worried that he would perish but luckily, an animal welfare society officer came to the rescue. Officer Marcus Montgomery brought the dog back to the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) but ended up falling in love. From the minute he saw this little dog, they had an instant connection. Marcus said that from the second he saw him, he knew he was chill.

With no barking or whining, Marcus says he is his dream dog. When he first held him, he immediately curled up in his arms, and Marcus knew that was it. He was ready to take him home and adopt him. Luckily, a few days later Marcus and his girlfriend kept their word and fostered, then shortly after adopted, the dog and named him Kylo. Marcus and his girlfriend have a Star Wars household, and Kylo is now the newest member. He shares the house with their previously adopted rescue dog Vader.

The two have become the best of brothers and get along very well. Marcus says that Kylo brings him so much happiness and that he is lucky to have responded to the call that night. Now, Marcus, his girlfriend, Vader, and Kylo live in their home in Florida and are very happy together.

Images Source: Panhandle Animal Welfare Society and Kristen Hope Montgomery

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