Couple Spot A Strange Pup In The Woods, Then See What Written On His Collar

Couple Spot A Strange Pup In The Woods, Then See What Written On His Collar

Scott Brown and his wife were heading on a 7-mile hike in the snow to visit a waterfall when they noticed a big, black dog standing at the head of the trail. The very fluffy pup seemed content, so they didn’t pay it any mind. Little did they know that he would serve as their guide!

The pup began to follow behind the couple, eventually running ahead of them and taking the lead. Sometimes, he would just be a few feet in front of them, and other times, he would run so far ahead that he would leave their line of sight.

But no matter what, he would sit down and wait for them as they took pictures, lingered to enjoy the sights, or slowed down for a breather. Then, once they caught up, he would take off again.

Once they reached the waterfall, Scott took a few pictures with the pup and decided to see if he could find out more about him. On the pup’s neck was a collar, with a very scratched up tag that said the pup’s name was Smokey and that he loves following hikers sometimes, but he lives nearby and will go home when he’s tired.

With that reassurance in mind, Scott and his wife started back down the trail to return to civilization.

The pup came with them, leading the way again, and once they reached their destination, he crossed the road and began walking towards a neighborhood. He gave his companions one final bark before running along on his way.

It’s safe to say it was a memorable experience!

Images & Feature Image Source: Scott Brown

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