Cruel Korean Dog Meat Market Finally Closes Its Doors And Shuts Down

Cruel Korean Dog Meat Market Finally Closes Its Doors And Shuts Down

A victory has been won for animal rights campaigners around the world, but especially in Korea, as a notorious Korean dog meat market was finally shut down on Tuesday.

The market supplied about a third of the country’s canine meat with 80,000 dogs being sold per year, and if that wasn’t enough, it killed the pups horribly and inhumanely. The streets were lined with cages of pups that customers could choose from, and the pups would then be slaughtered in front of them; some were even electrocuted, blowtorched, boiled alive, or hanged.

The meat vendors of Moran Market have reached an agreement that officers of Seongnam City will ban the killing of these pups, and all butchery equipment will be removed from the site. In return, vendors will receive financial aid as they attempt to open new businesses with different wares.

This may be a game changer for the animal welfare movement as it is a great blow to the dog meat market, which has been criticized around the world. Mayor Lee Jae-myung of Seongnam City urged for the public not the judge the city or country for its treatment of animals and stated that it “may be the beginning of a long path toward solving issues surrounding dog meat consumption”.

This small step forward is a significant victory for campaigners and protesters, who have been pushing for the market to be closed for a long time. With any luck, this cruel trade will be put to an end soon! Do like and share this story.

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