Curious Pup Sneaks Out Of The Third Floor And Gets Stuck On Building's Ledge

Curious Pup Sneaks Out Of The Third Floor And Gets Stuck On Building's Ledge

For many indoor pups, the world outside seems inviting and full of adventure and excitement. But little do they know that, without their Mom or Dad’s supervision, things can go south fairly quickly!

Max the terrier couldn’t resist venturing outside when he spotted a window open in his little apartment. There was a sheer drop beneath, but a ledge skirting the building provided a narrow path for the pup to use to go exploring.

That’s when Max reached a gutter that blocked his way through. Up on the third floor, he couldn’t just jump down to safe ground, and he couldn’t turn around to go back home because the ledge was simply much too narrow to allow that.

The London Fire Brigade was called in to come to the rescue, and when they were able to get him down, the poor pup had likely been up there for at least 30 minutes, stuck. He definitely regretted his outdoor escape stint! No one wants to feel that helpless and trapped, and especially not adventure-loving Max!

Max’s parent was absolutely thrilled to have him back safely – and Max, who had been regretting his trip outdoors, quickly felt much better under his parent’s frantic hugs and love. If anything, he seemed quite happy with all the attention he received after his scary experience!

While brave escapades like these can be plenty of fun, we hope Max will try and keep his future expeditions a little safer and closer to home – or at least, stick to ones where his family is there to pay him mind!

Images & Feature Image Source: Twitter/London Fire Brigade

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