Cute English Bulldog Puppy Plops on Sleeping Human!

Cute English Bulldog Puppy Plops on Sleeping Human!

There is one thing we all love about dogs. They make us smile every day!

A lot of times it seems they don’t even realize what they’re doing is so funny or cute, but they just have that natural way about them. They almost never have an exit plan for their hilarious plans either! This bulldog is no different.

It looks like she came from the stairs behind the couch and climbed onto the top of the couch, where her dad lays right below her. You can almost see the wheels turning in her head. She got up there easily, but that part when she wants to go down is a bit tricky!

Her dad was sleeping on the couch, and jumping directly on him doesn’t sound like a plan! So instead, this bulldog carefully walked her way down and flopped down on dad when she finally made it!

This is too cute!

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Watch the video below to see the hilarious bulldog!

Feature Image Source: Mindi Rosser

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