Dachshund Meets Baby And Falls In LOVE!

Dachshund Meets Baby And Falls In LOVE!

Baby Harriet is the newest addition to the family and has just arrived home from the hospital. Dachshunds are notorious for getting jealous and being attention hogs, but this is a very different situation for Margo the dachshund! You would think she would be jealous of all the attention she is being robbed of but she loves that baby right from the start.

Watching Margo loving the baby is the sweetest thing. What a great little dachshund. Doxies love all members of their families unconditionally!

A loving sniff here and there and Margo soon falls in love with the baby. It’s so cute how she walks around her mom just to get close to that baby! Her parents report that Margo insisted on exploring every little noise baby Harriet made to make sure she was safe.

Margo checks out all the new smells, the diapers and the wipes. She probably loves that new baby smell like we all love it. That new baby smell and new puppy smell have to be the two greatest and addictive smells on earth!

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Watch the video below to see Margo and the love he has towards the new family addition!

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