Dachshund Races Dad And Then...Whoops!

Dachshund Races Dad And Then...Whoops!

This spunky little doxie is racing her dad by the pool. Her dad has challenged her to a race and while dad is swimming from one end to the other, the doxie is running alongside the pool way faster than any human could swim! The sweet little sausage dog seems pretty pleased with herself for being so fast.

They make it back and fourth a couple times and the little dachshund starts getting a little overzealous. There is a lot of excitement accompanied by lots of barking! Then the little doxie decides to get a little too close.

Continue Reading And See The Video Of What This Dachshund Does Here!

Watch the video below to see what happens when the little doxie gets a little too cocky.

Feature Image Source: rumleyt

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