Dad Heartbroken After His Dog Goes Missing, But The Unexpected Happens!

Pets are fantastic beings. They come into our lives as strangers, and before you know it, the relationship blossoms. Soon, they become part of the family.

This connection is why a lot of people prefer to be called pet parents rather than pet owners. We love and take care of our pets like they are family because they are. This is the sort of relationship that 8-year-old Bradley has with his dog, Missy. They practically grew up together in their home in Liverpool. Missy, the Akita dog, is also 8 years old, so Bradley has known her all his life.

You can imagine how devastated Bradley felt when Missy was abducted. Some would say he was stolen, but Bradley and the rest of the Pearson family see Missy as one of them. This makes “abduction” a better description of the unfortunate incident. According to Bradley’s dad, Delon, Missy was snatched right in front of the house, in the garden. Unfortunately, Missy was not microchipped before the incident, so it was hard to find her. Several weeks of searching yielded no results.

Months after, the family still had not gotten over the loss of their Akita dog. Delon Pearson began to come to terms with the loss and decided to start looking for a replacement. In a bid to stick with the familiar, Delon started to look for an Akita dog. Of course, the new dog wouldn’t replace Missy, but Bradley and the rest of the family needed another pet friend.

Delon went on the internet to search for the Akita dog. Then something unexpected happened…

Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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