Dad Heartbroken After His Dog Goes Missing, But The Unexpected Happens! (Part 2)

In Part 1, we told you about how Missy was abducted. This is what happened next!

Delon ran a search on Google and got some results. He clicked on the first one, and right in front of him was Missy’s picture. To be sure that it wasn’t just a close resemblance, Delon had to check more than twice. He even magnified the image to be double sure. That was when the reality dawned: He just found Missy.

Delon described the feeling as a shock, followed by overwhelming joy. He couldn’t believe his eyes! The website that posted Missy’s picture belongs to Skylor’s Animal Rescue. It’s a non-profit, family-owned animal rescue service. They collect abandoned, and unwanted pets, mainly dogs left by their parents. They also rescue dogs from pounds and help them find suitable homes and families.

Among the dogs rescued regularly by this family are greyhounds that are abandoned by their owners and caregivers. These dogs are used for racing but discarded when they can’t run fast enough to compete anymore.

If Delon was overwhelmed, then there are no words to describe how 8-year-old Bradley felt when he was reunited with his long lost buddy. Missy recognized Bradley immediately and ran up to him to snuggle. Delon said they have been inseparable ever since. Missy would never leave Bradley’s side even while he’s in bed. The poor dog must have been through a lot.

Delon has since made sure to microchip Missy so that he can easily locate the Akira. It’s the right decision, but we do hope that the situation never repeats itself!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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