Dad "Rescues" His Pup's Favorite Toy That Was Left Outside During A Storm

Dad "Rescues" His Pup's Favorite Toy That Was Left Outside During A Storm

Lucky has been joined at the hip with his precious stuffed bear toy for the last six years. No matter how broken down the toy became and how much stuffing fell out (all of it), the pup would bring it with him everywhere he went.

This means Lucky brings the bear with him outdoors at all times, too. But then, one day, he brought it out with him when he went to the bathroom – just before a snowstorm struck. The toy got left behind in the chaos and was missing, soon covered in a shroud of snow.

Lucky’s Mom, Michaella Wallace, was surprised when her dad texted her and told her about the state of the bear, which he finally found after all the snow melted. Jokingly, he said that the bear might have passed away – but at the same time, he was determined to save the pup’s beloved stuffed toy.

So, Wallace’s father brought the toy indoors and began working on fixing it up. He washed up the toy and carefully dried it off so it could return to its previous state. The entire time, he kept his daughter updated, joking that he found a pulse in the little bear and was attempting CPR.

Wallace’s dad’s efforts paid off! The bear was soon good as new. But he wasn’t done being silly just yet. He set the bear up in a “hospital room”, which he completed with a fake IV drip that he made himself! He even allowed Lucky in to visit the recovering bear, and Lucky’s sister pup Laci.

The bear is now 100% recovered and back in Lucky’s care.

It’s safe to say that Lucky is truly glad that his pup is back to full health!

Images & Feature Image Source: Michaella Wallace

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