Despite Wildfires And Blizzards, A Missing Dog Miraculously Reunites With His Family

Despite Wildfires And Blizzards, A Missing Dog Miraculously Reunites With His Family

This past summer, Ricardo Rodriguez went on a camping trip near Lake Tahoe with his dog Russ. What began as a fun time ended up being the most devastating time of Rodriguez’s life.

In the midst of the surrounding wilderness, Russ got spooked and ran. For a long time, Rodriguez waited for Russ to return to where they were, but he never did. Rodriguez went everywhere looking for him, with no sign of him appearing.

In the end, Rodriguez had to leave Lake Tahoe and go home. Rodriguez missed Russ terribly. The area where they had been camping was affected by a wildfire in the months following Russ’ disappearance. Rodriquez was terrified he would die in the fire, which had burned over 114,000 acres.

At the end of December, that same area was hit with a rare snowstorm. Rodriguez worried that if Russ survived the wildfires, he would freeze to death in that season. In fact, two feet of snow fell in the Lake Tahoe region.

It soon became impossible for him to hope to reunite with his best friend. But, after the snowstorm, Wendy Jones, the owner of TLC 4 Furry Friends and Tahoe PAWS, was notified about a dog that needed rescuing. Volunteers hiked through deep snow and they found Russ curled up in a ball. As they approached, he lifted his head. It was unclear if he was still alive.

They then scanned the pup for a microchip and found Rodriguez, who lived hundreds of miles away from Russ.

Rodriguez was shocked when he received the call. Then he met Russ and realized it was all true.

He couldn’t believe that Russ was alive, after everything he’s been through.

Image Credit: YouTube

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