Devastated Family Seeks Justice After Their Pet Dies At Daycare

Devastated Family Seeks Justice After Their Pet Dies At Daycare

Can you just imagine the horror of when, after leaving your pet at the daycare and expecting that little package of happiness jump all over you upon your return, you are handed an urn with ashes instead? This is exactly what happened to Ana and Arturo Rodriguez of Windsor Lock, Connecticut.

According to some sources, the family had to leave due to family emergency and left their Chihuahua Peanut at the trusted Flying Fur Pet Spa & Dog Day Care, calling every day to check on their baby and being assured the dog is fine and getting along well with other dogs. Upon their return, they were left in shock finding out their baby was everything but fine. Peanut was dead and they were just handed the urn with her ashes. The daycare has not warned or informed the family on what has happened; a few days later they just released a public statement on Facebook stating that there was an incident where a much larger dog attacked and seriously injured Peanut. Peanut, unfortunately, did not survive and the daycare stated that this was just an unfortunate and isolated incident.

Furthermore, the Daycare stated that the only reason for not contacting the family was in order to not disturb them while they were already in a difficult family situation. The logical step for the owner of the Daycare was to cremate the dead dog, apologize to the family, and hand over the decorative urn with Peanut’s ashes.

Emotionally devastated, the Rodriguez family was sure that the story presented to them is not completely true and that the daycare was obviously trying to cover up the wrongdoing. From a legal perspective, the dog is private property in Connecticut, and the family went to seek for both the police and legal help. The process is ongoing and meanwhile, the Flying Fur center has implemented the procedural changes to prevent and further such incidents, however, the nature of those changes have not been made public.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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