Disabled Dog Dumped Twice In 24 Hours Finally Finds Loving Home

Disabled Dog Dumped Twice In 24 Hours Finally Finds Loving Home

I do believe there is nothing worse than subjecting man’s best friend to abandonment. What kind of person does it take to heartlessly and cruelly throw away a loyal companion? Not only once, but twice!

Many of you are most likely familiar with the horrific and terrifying video posted half a year ago, of the driver of a white car pulling over in Sao Leopoldo and violently shoving a three-legged innocent fur-baby out the car and driving away. Luckily, Patas Geurreras animal charity swooped in and rescued this poor mistreated baby after being informed of the event and gave him the love and kindness he was not shown but deserved.

He was lovingly renamed TinTin. After a huge online outcry was caused by the video going viral, police managed to track down TinTin’s criminal owners who admitted to finding him lost, taking him in and then abandoning him a second time.

The police have charged these inhumane humans for animal abuse and called on witnesses to testify. Animal abusers can receive three months to a year in jail, plus fines (even though we often wish sentences more severe).

The good news is that dozens of concerned people offered to adopt sweet three-legged TinTin, but his charity rescuers were not about to give TinTin to just anyone and were being extremely strict about screening potential adoptive paw-parents. After careful and thorough processing, TinTin was found a loving forever home with loving parents who treat him the way all animals and creatures should be treated.

And of course, he lived happily ever after!

Feature Image Source: Twitter | Facebook

Images Source: Twitter | Facebook

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