Diva Dachshund Belts Out A Happy Birthday Song!

Diva Dachshund Belts Out A Happy Birthday Song!

The dachshund really knows how to use her voice as she sings wholeheartedly to wish her granddaddy a very happy birthday.

Dachshunds can be taught a lot of tricks but this dachshund doesn’t only know tricks, she has another talent. There are not many dogs around the world that are given a wonderful singing voice!

Her talent in singing was first discovered by her mom during Christmas as they sang Christmas carols. Wendy, the dachshund, just loves to sing along with them.

No one really taught her how to sing, she just did it all on her own and she loves it. She loves all the attention she gets when she sings and she sings with you no matter what you are singing! She’s always ready to join in!

See her adorable rendition of “Happy Birthday” on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see the singing dachshund!

Feature Image Source: A Jay

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