Do Puppies Shed Too?

Do Puppies Shed Too?

Has your puppy been shedding a fair bit of fur? Is this normal? Well, to keep it brief, puppies certainly can and do shed fur, with the amount depending mostly on their breed.

But even breeds of dogs that are supposedly “non-shedding” will shed a small amount. This is because puppies of these breeds will have to lose their coat to gain their adult one.

Most dogs shed in the fall and in the spring due to light exposure. This also means that if your dog is exposed to sunlight or artificial light, they will shed more!

To reduce the severity of shedding, you can do this following:

  1. Bring Them Outdoors. In the wind and weather, a lot of excess hair can fall out, especially if your dog runs around and plays a lot!
  2. Brush Regularly. Brushing can help remove loose hair before they fall off and cause a mess.
  3. Use A Shedding Blade. Bring your puppy to a room that’s easy to vacuum and grab a shedding blade, then go to town on their coat!
  4. Use A Special Brush. Pin and slicker brushes have the ability to go even deeper into the coat of your puppy, allowing for further excess fur removal.

If your puppy is shedding a very high amount, it could point to a health problem. If you notice increased shedding or bald spots, bring them to a vet as soon as possible.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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