Does My Dog Have A ‘Third Eye’?

Does My Dog Have A ‘Third Eye’?

You may have entertained the possibility of your dog being able to sense spirits. You’ve watched it in horror films. The dog barks or howls toward a dark corner, a door, or the window, seeing something ominous. When the human investigates, he doesn’t see anything or anyone.

Okay, so it’s hardly a real example. However, if you’ve gone through this same phenomenon more than once with your pet, your curiosity may be piqued. We’re told by a New York vet that before entertaining such thought, rule out probable causes first such as fear, pain, excitement, attention-seeking, possessiveness, or cognition problem. Each will require a different approach.

Most of the time, barking is triggered by something, and parents must analyze it based on the situational context. Know that, while dogs seem to react to nothing, they have way more acute sense of smell and hearing than us. So, whether they detect spirits or not, they’re definitely on to something.

If your dog’s bark is due to an emotional trigger such as fear or anxiety, distract him with treats or toys, or remove him from the situation. Sometimes it’s also best to shut the window or door if he’s incessantly barking at it. If he’s seeking attention, ignore him and don’t encourage this behavior. You’ll need to be consistent for this to work.

Lastly, consult your vet to determine any psychological or health issues when your dog is persistently afraid or too timid to eat.

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