Does Your Pup Care For You? Here Are 5 Signs They Absolutely Love You!

Does Your Pup Care For You? Here Are 5 Signs They Absolutely Love You!

We know our pups love us unconditionally, and we love them just as much. But you could be missing out on some key ways that your dog chooses to showcase their love for you! Here are five ways your pup says “I love you” that you may not have noticed.

1. Licking

We attribute licks to kisses, but there’s more to it than that. In the wild, wolf cubs lick the faces of their parents, so your pup licking your face is like them calling you Mom or Dad. For some, licking is also a way to show respect.

2. Sleeping beside you

A pup that eagerly sleeps next to you or always wants to is showing you that they consider you a part of their pack. Of course, not all pup parents allow their pooches on the bed with them, but even giving a dog space next to your bed will make your pup happy!

3. Leaning against you

A pup that leans on you is exhibiting signs of trust. Beyond that, there are a number of reasons a dog do this – they may want attention or be trying to give affection to you, or they could be seeking comfort. Still, the underlying factor beneath this behavior is always trust.

4. Raising a left eyebrow

As strange as it sounds, it’s true! According to a study conducted in Japan, pups have a higher chance of raising their left eyebrow when they see someone they like a lot. Mostly, the unconscious form of body language is reserved for their favorite person.

5. Presenting you with a favorite toy

Usually, pup parents think this means their pup wants to play, and while that is partially true, there’s more to it than that! A favored toy is the equivalent of a dog’s most prized possession. If your pup gives it to you, that move takes loads of trust and love. Reciprocate that love by engaging in play with it!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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