Dog Abandoned In The Middle Of Nowhere Rescued Just In Time

Dog Abandoned In The Middle Of Nowhere Rescued Just In Time

Some people abandon dogs in such hidden and unpopulated areas, that the abandonment might as well be considered a death sentence. And it’s just by sheer luck that such dogs are rescued in time.

A skinny tan-colored dog had been abandoned on the side of the road, in some woods, and his chances of survival seemed very slim. But, by some happy coincidence, someone spotted him and was kind enough to call the RSPCA and inform them about the dog.

Ruth Thomas-Coxon, an animal rescue officer, was tasked by the RSPCA to go there and get the dog, and, when she arrived at the scene, her heart almost broke.

The dog was very weak and scared and was just lying on the ground, surrounded by ivy. One of his legs was swollen and he was extremely dehydrated and malnourished. Ruth couldn’t tell how long he had been there, but she could tell that the dog was just praying that someone would come and help him out.

The dog, who would later be named Bang Bang, was taken by Ruth to the RSPCA’s Great Ayton Animal Center. When he got there, the staff started to patch him up, starting with his leg. They also found he had a microchip, but, when they called the number, the people who picked up said they’d sold him weeks prior to his rescue. This probably means he was abandoned by the person who bought him at some point.

Because of these circumstances, Bag Bang stayed at the shelter. He is getting healthier every day, and his emotional state is beginning to improve. Soon, he will start his search for his forever home.

Image Credit: RSPCA

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