Dog Abandoned With A Sad Note Gets A Second Chance To Life

Dog Abandoned With A Sad Note Gets A Second Chance To Life

As dog lovers and pet parents, it is absolutely heartbreaking when we hear of a case of abandonment. In our minds, we see canine companions as part of the family and do not even think twice to care for them through sickness and in health.

Unfortunately, not all humans see it the same way as we do. Some abandon their dogs because they no longer want them, and others have reasons like inability to care for them when they are ill. Regardless of the reason, abandonment is a cruel reality that many animal shelters are faced with every day. One recent case involved a Pyrenees named Perry.

Perry was abandoned by his “owners” in front of the Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association one night. He was left in the dark with nothing but a bucket of water and a note. The note read “over 10 years old. Can no longer walk”. Basically, the owners abandoned him because they thought he was too old and could not walk. Shocking behavior from supposed pet parents. The shelter found him in the morning and did not hesitate to take him in.

Although unmotivated and broken-spirited, Perry managed to get through numerous physiotherapy sessions. Turns out, he was suffering from two types of Lyme disease, as well as poor grooming, which was the reason he was battling to walk. For a dog that supposedly could not walk, Perry now barely sits down!

His carer or physiotherapist will be fostering him, and this could potentially become his forever home where he is showered in spoils and treats!

Feature Image Source: Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association/Facebook

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