Dog Amused After Seeing A Bush That Looks Just Like Her!

Dog Amused After Seeing A Bush That Looks Just Like Her!

If you met Luna at the park on her day out, you wouldn’t imagine that she is afraid of anything. This is clear from the way she polices other dogs. She is a Corgi but, don’t let her small stature fool you.

“Luna, like a lot of other corgis, has a big dog attitude in a smaller package,” says Matt, Luna’s dad. “She loves policing other dogs at the dog park.” However, a while back, Matt and Luna were visiting a friend when they came across a hedge in the shape of what looks like a Corgi. Unsurprisingly, Matt’s first thought was to take a picture of the topiary and his dog. But, Luna was not amused. He looked scared. When you zoom in on the picture that Matt snapped you can see her eyes bulging out to indicate that she is uneasy.

Matt notes that Luna is a very expressive face and it’s how he can tell what she is thinking. “I think she was afraid cause it was so large and maybe the way I reacted to it,” Matt said. “She looked confused and concerned.” Matt shared the picture he captured on twitter with the caption, “Neighbors are a big fan of Luna apparently.” A lot of the users on the platform agreed that indeed the topiary looked very much like a Corgi.

Matt has been parenting Luna for eight years but confesses that he has had some of the best moments during this time when he has to stay home more often due to the pandemic. Since the incident, Matt has made a point to avoid the road with the Corgi-shaped hedge to avoid upsetting Luna.

Feature Image & Images Source: Instagram

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