Dog And Woman With Cancer Go Through Chemotherapy Together

Dog And Woman With Cancer Go Through Chemotherapy Together

Our devoted dogs are often at our sides in the most trying times of our lives. They see us through thick and thin and are often part of defining life moments for us.

One loyal dog has been at his mom’s side through one of the most intense times in both their lives. In 2018, Chancellor was diagnosed with lung cancer. His dog mom, Tracy, was at his side through the entire journey of his treatment.

A year later, their lives took a dramatic turn, and Tracy was diagnosed with breast cancer and Chancellor’s cancer had returned. The dynamic duo was left with no other options but to enter the fight side by side. Chancellor was at Tracy’s side while she was receiving treatment, even through the times that she would sleep for 12 hours.

Tracy made sure to administer Chancellor’s treatment and he too was extremely ill. When the vet gave Tracy the heart-breaking news that Chancellor only had a few months left, she decided to stop his treatment to give him the best last months of his life. Tracy felt that Chancellor’s undying loyalty deserved the best memories to go out on.

Tracy packed their bags and took Chancellor on an array of adventures. Their plan is to go hiking and traveling, as well as do all the activities that Chancellor loves doing most.

For now, they are taking things day by day and appreciated all the small blessings that life has to offer.

Feature Image Source: WFLA News Channel 8

Images Source: WFLA News Channel 8

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