Dog Custody - Tips To Keep In Mind During Divorce

Dog Custody - Tips To Keep In Mind During Divorce

Divorce is hard on everyone, and having to decide who gets your favorite four-legged companion is sometimes the toughest decision some have to make.

In many cases, each party is thinking solely of themselves, and forget to think about how hard it might be on your animal. Recently, a couple faced this exact issue, and getting through it has been hard on them both. Two successful architects had their businesses destroyed by the stress of COVID-19, and it put so much pressure on them that their marriage ended up falling apart in the process.

This couple, who was in the midst of a divorce, contacted a well-known attorney who is recognized internally as an animal law pioneer. Barbara J. Gislason has written books in the past touching on the best things to do with your animals when you’re going through a tough break and discussing how important having a pet is. Barbara really puts all animals first and gives dog parents the needed advice that can be in the interest of all parties, including your four-legged friends.

In the past, animals were considered property, and as horrible as this sounds, they were treated as such in a court situation such as divorce. In a divorce, the courts would look at who spent more money on each “pet” and then divide up assets accordingly. Now, luckily, many judges are now realizing that an animal is much more than just an item, and most as a part of the family, similar to that of a child. Barbara has made it her mission to be a voice for those that are unheard, especially in the worst of times.

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