Dog Dies In Care Of Sitter, Mom Warns Parents

Dog Dies In Care Of Sitter, Mom Warns Parents

No pet parent wants to get the news that their dog has passed.

Danielle Andrade lives in California but was in Georgia visiting her boyfriend and attending a wedding. Like many of us, she got a dog sitter and used a popular app named Rover to find one. She’d only be gone two or three nights, but the first night was when disaster struck. She’s had her 11-year old dog, Lucky since she was 15 years old.

They had a strong bond and she would never leave him in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, she made the wrong decision. She met the sitter in person and didn’t bother booking through the app. According to the sitter, Lucky ran away, though she wasn’t informed until about an hour later.

She rushed back home, which was around 2 am and the search was called off. Lucky was found on the side of the road, dead. Rover has apologies and the sitter wishes to speak to her, but she is in no state to talk just yet. The sitter refuses to email the footage and the matter is currently being investigated.

Andrade wants all dog parents to do a bit more research before leaving their dog with a sitter. She has since joined a Facegroup group where this isn’t an isolated incident. In the company’s defense, Georgia users give sitters 5-star ratings 90% of the time. In response to the incident, they have removed the sitter from the platform.

Image Credit: Danielle Andrade

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