Dog Eats Berry From A Deadly Plant And Suffers Brain Damage

Dog Eats Berry From A Deadly Plant And Suffers Brain Damage

Every dog parent would go above and beyond to make sure their babies are safe. You give them shelter, healthy food, and try to keep them away from all harm. But sometimes there are dangers where you least expect them to be. And Chloe Allan learned this the hard way.

In August 2020, she let her 6-year-old Golden Retriever, Lola, go in the backyard like she usually did. Lola ran around, had fun, but she also stuck her nose in a lord-and-ladies plant. She ate one of the berries from the plant, and that was the fatal mistake. The plant is deadly for dogs, and Chloe had no idea.

Because of that one mistake, Lola suffered from severe pain for eight months. As time passed, her tongue started to eat away, and that only added to the pain. Chloe took Lola to all the vets she could find, and that cost her a fortune, but she was willing to do anything.

Unfortunately, nothing helped, and Lola had to be put down so she wouldn’t suffer through the pain. Chloe is now trying her best to warn people of the dangers of this plant. She posted on her Facebook page about how she had to spend countless nights in a vet’s office with Lola, and how the dog would wake up blind, and with no idea as to where she was.

Lola suffered brain damage because of one little berry, and she struggled with episodes of epilepsy and many other health problems for the last few months of her life.

Image Credit: Chloe Allen / Frank Vincentz

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