Dog Excited His Buddy Came To Pick Him Up From The Hospital!

Dog Excited His Buddy Came To Pick Him Up From The Hospital!

A post on Facebook regarding two stray dogs caught the attention of Samantha Zimmer and her fiancé, George Dix. One of the dogs had been hit by a car.

The couple, who volunteer as fosters for Lola’s Lucky Day, decided to go to the scene to offer their help. When they arrived at the scene, they found Corey lying in the middle of the road, hoping that a good Samaritan would come to his aid and his friend Matthew, who was helplessly lying injured in a ditch.

Narrating the incident, Zimmer said that they got Corey to safety first before trying to help Matthew get out of the ditch, which held water. When they finally got to Matthew, he was breathing normally and wagging his tail; that was when they knew he was a fighter. They put both dogs in their car and headed straight to the hospital.

Matthew got the care he needed at the hospital and, with time, began healing until he was ready to head to his foster home, where he’d complete the healing journey. On the day Zimmer and Dix were to pick Matthew up, Corey accompanied them. When the two friends saw each, they couldn’t contain their excitement. It was such a beautiful reunion that left Matthew wagging his tail.

Matthew is expected to recover fully in four months. Corey also needs some time to recover from his issues. As a result, both friends stay in separate foster homes to get the proper attention. The good news is that an adopter wants to adopt both of them. The rescue would complete the process soon, and both friends will be back together.

Image Credit: Samantha Zimmer

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