Dog Falls In Love With Life Again After Being Rescued From Hoarding

Dog Falls In Love With Life Again After Being Rescued From Hoarding

Griff was a cute pup rescued with 20 other dogs from a hoarding situation. The dog suffered ear infections, hair loss, dental disease, malnutrition, and behavioral issues.

Many shelters often do not pay much attention to dogs that require too much care because they have too many dogs in need. As a result, such dogs won’t receive the necessary care to thrive and be adopted. Also, those with severe behavioral issues may end up being put down.

Angela and her rescue, Angela’s Ark, are focused on helping dogs in such situations. Their goal is to give them the love and care needed to overcome difficult times and thrive. When Angela saw Griff, she knew she had to do something to help the poor pup. So she took him and began rehabilitating him.

Although it wasn’t an easy task, Angela was determined to help Griff. She would often sit by his crate, offer him food, and patiently wait for him to trust her. After some time and lots of effort, Griff slowly came around.

Thanks to Angela not giving up on him, Griff went from being a shy dog who avoided people to being social again after regaining his confidence. He was finally put up for adoption and soon found his forever-loving home! He’s now on Instagram!

Image Credit: YouTube

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