Dog Falls Into Alligator-Infested Swamp While Chasing Something Interesting

Dog Falls Into Alligator-Infested Swamp While Chasing Something Interesting

An American English Coonhound, Henna, recently got into trouble after she left his parents to pursue something that caught her attention.

American English Coonhounds (otherwise called Redtick Coonhounds) are known for their high prey drive and energy. The American Kennel Club advises that they should never be allowed to wander without a leash in an open environment because they “will not be able to resist the instinct to follow an interesting scent he detects with his sensitive nose.”

Henna was in pursuit of something that caught her attention when she fell into an alligator-infested swamp near Fort Myers, Florida. Deputy Allen Reddick, at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, received the distress call and came to the scene immediately. The Deputy was fearless as he went into the muddy, dangerous water to rescue Henna. Thankfully, Deputy Reddick and Henna came out of the water unharmed, and the dog was reunited with her parents.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office took Facebook to thank the Deputy for his service. They shared a photo from the rescue operation and captioned it, “Thank you, Deputy Reddick, for going above and beyond!” We applaud Deputy Reddick for his bravery and dedication in saving Henna. We hope that dog parents will take extra precautions to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.

Image Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office

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