Dog Feigns Innocence When Confronted With Chewing Mom’s Footwear

Dog Feigns Innocence When Confronted With Chewing Mom’s Footwear

Arya is an affectionate, carefree, and loving dog – most of the time. She loves to sleep, chill out, and receive lots of love and care from her attentive family.

According to mom, Christine Duggan, Arya can sleep the entire day if allowed. While Arya may be the easiest dog to get along with, she also has her quirks that land her in trouble. Although not often, Arya tends to chew things in the house and, when confronted about it, she would try to act as though she had no idea who caused it.

One time, Duggan discovered that her flip-flops have been chewed to pieces when she arrived home. Being Arya’s mom, she instantly knew Arya was the culprit. She then looked and found Arya chilling out on the couch while pieces of her footwear lay scattered on her bed, which was near the couch.

Prior to the incident, Arya has already chewed Duggan’s other footwear and was reprimanded for doing so. So, Arya knew she was in trouble with the flip flops. When she saw her mom size up the mangled flip-flops, Arya hid her face ashamedly. When Duggan confronted her, Arya pretended not knowing what happened and kept glancing at the slippers with feigned innocence.

She also did not look at her mom or even acknowledge her. Eventually, though, Arya admitted her guilt and was immediately forgiven. Soon, Arya was back to her usual carefree and sweet self.

Images & Feature Image Source: Christine Duggan

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