Dog Finally Gets Revenge After Having To Wear The Cone Of Shame!

Dog Finally Gets Revenge After Having To Wear The Cone Of Shame!

It’s always a funny day when you see dogs wearing the well known “cone of shame.” Besides this name, these types of products are called a variety of things such as E-collars, buster collars, and even Elizabethian collars.

Dogs will wear these collars in order to keep them from biting, scratching, or gnawing on the parts of themselves that must heal. Even though these collars get a funny reputation, they are extremely important for the healing of your dog.

A user on Reddit had posted that his dog wasn’t a large fan of these types of collars. Recently, his dog got surgery and ended up having to wear the cone of shame for a few days. Once his dog finally got to take this product off, he gave it a piece of his mind.

His parents left the cone outside on the table before throwing it away, but his dog had other plans. Before they knew it, their dog was running around the yard with this cone in his mouth. He was flinging it back and forth, all while using it as a chew toy. His parents filmed his reaction once the cone was finally off, and viewers thought it was hilarious.

We know that all dogs most likely hate having to wear a large and uncomfortable cone collar, but this was taken to a whole new level. Around a minute and a half of running, bitting, and flinging his cone around, he finally let it go. All his parents knew is that he needed to get some of his anger out before it was thrown into the trash!

Image Source: Wikimedia

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