Dog Finds The Perfect Stick - A Snowman's Hand!

Dog Finds The Perfect Stick - A Snowman's Hand!

There is nothing better than taking a peaceful walk after the first snow and seeing your dog enjoy the magical scene in front of you. For Alice, who is a young Jackapoo, stumbling across an undisturbed field of snow, was a dream come true.

Alice’s mommy, Charlotte, knew what this type of snow laid before them would be ideal for building a snowman, and that’s just what she did. Alice was super excited to see her mom building this snowman, and took a liking to the stick that was being used as this new friend’s arm.

Alice took the stick from the newly made snowman’s body and paraded it around. Charlotte got hold of the stick and put it back, digging it deeper into the body of the snowman. Alice was unable to get the stick out and was very unhappy about it. Charlotte said that this behavior is very normal and that Alice loves her toys. Her favorite, being a stick, which makes sense in this situation. No matter the size of the stick, Alice loves to play with them.

After plenty of time, Charlotte gave Alice the snowman’s arm, and she got to play around with it for a bit longer. Before leaving, Charlotte placed the stick back into the body, which made Alice go crazy. It was becoming evident that Alice was not leaving without her new toy. Following a few minutes of trying, Charlotte finally got Alice to leave the snowman and his arms alone. She has since then, promised Alice as many sticks as she wants, and has lived up to this promise!

Image Source: Charlotte Beard

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