Is You Dog jumping On Others? Here's How You Can Make Them Stop!

Is You Dog jumping On Others? Here's How You Can Make Them Stop!

Does your pup have a bit of a jumping problem? Maybe he attacks you the moment you get home, or tackles any new people he meets, or tries to jump on you when you have food in your hand.

It might seem like a sweet, innocent, and friendly gesture, but it actually can cause quite a few problems!

Jumping on people may be annoying for those who are targeted by the pup, but it could also knock over small kids, senior citizens, or those who are injured, or even scare others. It may also cause injury to the person due to your pup’s nails or them grabbing body parts with their sharp teeth. A pup could also ruin the person’s clothes, or may end up stealing food or items and end up in trouble for eating or playing with it when it isn’t good for them.

So why do pups jump? Of course, some pups have fear or aggression issues, but this isn’t what we’re focusing on. Most pups jump to get what they want – attention, food, toys, or to greet someone new. They may have learned that jumping gets them what they want, and therefore continue to repeat the behavior.

How can you teach your pup to stop jumping? First off, make sure you’re not reinforcing their bad behavior. Don’t give them what they want when they jump on you or other people. Instead, try to teach them an alternative behavior that they can do instead of jumping. One of these easy alternatives is the “sit” command, which will allow your pup to learn to sit politely to get what they want, whether it’s attention, food, a toy, or to meet someone new.

It’s a slow process that requires a lot of effort, but the improvement will be great for the future! Do like and share this information to help other pup parents!

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