Dog Keeps Sneaking Into Neighbors’ Pool To Swim

Dog Keeps Sneaking Into Neighbors’ Pool To Swim

Ruby was adopted by Denise McFarland’s family after being found wandering in the neighborhood without a microchip and after a long and thorough search for Ruby’s parents, with no one seeming to have a claim on her.

Since the pup joined her new family, their lives were never the same. Ruby was, then, considered as the brood’s untamed child who’s always up to something unexpected. Last July, Ruby snuck into a neighbor’s yard and discovered their pool. Averse to bath time, Ruby was not known to the family as a pool-worshipper.

Later on, Ruby’s sibling found out that she broke a fence and dug a hole to get to a neighbor’s pool.

“I had let her out to go potty and, about 20 minutes later, went back to let her back in but she was nowhere to be found,” Ruby’s mom, then, recounted.

Although the McFarlands brought Ruby back and repaired the broken fence, it proved futile because the pup had already known there was a nearby pool.

Since then, she keeps crossing over to take a dip, much to the neighbors’ displeasure. Ruby’s family, then, had to ensure Ruby doesn’t escape again. They’d been wishing to get a pool for Ruby who seem unremorseful every time she’s caught.

Since the pandemic, consequent shortage of pool supply has prevented the McFarlands from giving Ruby what she wants, and Ruby just doesn’t understand why she’s not allowed to use their neighbors’ pool meantime.

Images & Feature Image Source: Denise McFarland

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