Dog Loves Showing Off to Guests by Carrying a 30-Pound Dumbbell!

Dog Loves Showing Off to Guests by Carrying a 30-Pound Dumbbell!

Bonzo is not your ordinary type of dog. While his mates sleep around in parties or cuddle around their parents waiting for treats, he likes moving around carrying a 30-pound dumbbell in his mouth and impressing guests.

He likes the attention it gets him.

His relationship with the dumbbell started a few years ago when he saw his dad, Derek Plante, lifting weights at their home in Rhode Island. Bonzo went to where the dumbbell was lying, flirted with a little and soon it became his favorite toy. Plante had noticed that Bonzo loved carrying heavy things but I don’t think a dumbbell would have been top of his toy list for Bonzo. He mainly relied on weighty chew toys to satisfy the dog.

It was in one of these parties that Plante’s niece, Yesenia Rego, saw Bonzo’s show and decided to record it. She later posted it to her Twitter account and it blew up even attracting the attention of major news outlets looking to feature it. At the time of writing this, the video has over 9 million views.

There were concerns from people watching the video that the dumbbell may hurt Bonzo’s teeth but Rego was quick to clear it up.

“He carries it in between the space behind his front teeth so it’s resting on his gums,” Rego said. “He’s been doing this all the time for years.”

Looks like Bonzo finally got what he has always wanted. The ultimate show.

Feature Image Source: Yesenia Rego

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