Dog Makes Friends With a Halloween Decoration and Introduces It To Their Mom

Dog Makes Friends With a Halloween Decoration and Introduces It To Their Mom

At just a year old Atlas has made a name for himself as a social butterfly. There is no such thing as a stranger to the little pup, anyone is a friend waiting to be made in his mind.

His mom, Erin Lundy, can testify to his amazing social skills; in his latest interaction, he made friends with a Halloween decoration who he was eager to get a pet from.

That’s another thing about little Atlas; he loves getting pets from the people he meets. His mom remarks that he tries to score a pet by gently nudging a new friend then sitting patiently in front of them. Ten times out of ten he gets the pet because his friendliness is so contagious.

In his recent encounter, Atlas and his mom were out on a stroll through the neighborhood when they noticed an impressive Halloween decoration set up on a neighbour’s front lawn. There stood a life-size figure of a witch cloaked in red and black holding a book of spells; Atlas was definitely enchanted when he laid his eyes on it.

To him, this was yet another friend to be made, inanimate or not, he was determined to get a pet. His mom knew full well that the statue couldn’t give him a pet, but she was led by her pup to the feet of the decoration where Atlas nudged its hand and sat in front of it. The endearing moment gave Lundy a little laugh, as she watched her dog work his magic to get a new friend. This was definitely something new for him, someone who didn’t, but really couldn’t, give him a pet and he was running out of ideas.

He left that day without a pet, but had it on the top of his list to get a pet from the witch. At present Atlas and his mom continue to go on their strolls through the neighborhood and never cease to see the witch, it’s still his goal to one day get a pet from her.

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