Dog Meat Trade Is Now Banned In Siem Reap, Cambodia

Dog Meat Trade Is Now Banned In Siem Reap, Cambodia

For many years, animal activists and anti-cruelty supporters have come together and fought for animal rights. They have pled to various authorities on numerous occasions, but their struggles seem to mostly fall on deaf ears.

One of the hot topics in the press has been the fight against animal trade in the wet market, as well as banning the sale of dog meat. This has come to light after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus earlier this year. The origin of the virus has been traced back to the wet market and trade of dog meat, so groups have had even more reason to bring their causes to light.

An animal activist group called FOUR PAWS is one that has been working with the Cambodian government for years in a bid to ban dog meat. After years of struggle, it seems authorities have finally listened. The sale and consumption of dog meat has finally been banned in the province Siem Reap, Cambodia. This is the first province that has enforced the law and FOUR PAWS hopes other provinces will follow suit.

The organization has been prominent in Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, to fight the battle against trading dog meat. They continue to work hard and hope to achieve the same result through campaigns in these countries. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has been a global shock and there is no doubt that it has caused a worldwide pandemic. Perhaps this is the wake-up call that officials finally need.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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