Dog Miraculously Survives A Collision With A Car Going 80 MPH

Dog Miraculously Survives A Collision With A Car Going 80 MPH

A most unfortunate thing happened recently, but thankfully, the worst outcome had not been realized.

A driver in Italy clocked a speed of 80 mph going down a highway when out of nowhere there was a thump. Unfortunately, that thumb was a white stray dog who was roaming in the middle of the road. The driver had expected the worst at that speed and stopped immediately.

Remarkably, the dog had survived. What had happened was that the dog had become lodged in the front grille of the vehicle. This had dampened the impact, sparing the dog from the worst.

The driver immediately called for help and soon Jimmy Dotti of Italian Veterinary Ambulance was on the scene. He could not believe what had happened. He shared that in all his years of rescuing animals, it was a miracle that this one had survived.

The rescue team sedated the dog, then pulled him from the car. After an examination, they realized the dog had only sustained a few minor injuries. A few tests were run, and besides a fractured front leg, he had no brain or spinal damage and survived relatively unscathed.

The stray is now on his road to recovery and has since been named Paraflu. There is still a mystery surrounding where he came from and how he ended up on the highway, but what is certain is that he has a bright future ahead. As soon as he is healed, he will be adopted into a forever home and will start a brand new life.

Images Source: Jimmy Dotti

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