Dog Parent Makes A Stick Library For Local Dogs

Dog Parent Makes A Stick Library For Local Dogs

David Carter and his family have found much delight in their beloved Goldendoodle Nahla, with everything that is happening in the world; she has been the source of much solace.

As a way of showing their gratitude, Carter and his 10-year-old son Jeremiah created a stick library in honor of Nahla and other dogs in their neighborhood!

A stick has been the conventional plaything for a dog for the longest time, and even as new toys are developed you can’t seem to go wrong with a good ol’ stick. Which is why the stick library would be a convenient thing; it solved the hassle of looking for sticks; especially in Carter’s snowy neighborhood. Stick collections are quite common with some parents, but Carter’s efforts to serve any dog is truly admirable.

The construction of the box began in design, the father and son duo discussed the perfect dimensions for the box to fit the length of sticks most dogs like. Thereafter, the two collected some leftover pieces of lumber and with their tools got to work.

Carter guided his son and used the experience as a way to teach him how to use different tools, such as the wood burner that they used to label the library. The pair jokingly called the dog parks in the area ‘branches of the library’ and it soon stuck, now there are two branches (with stick libraries) in their area and Carter hopes to make more.

Since it is a library it is expected that the sticks will be returned, however, Carter’s policies are very lenient. He and his son just hope that people will eventually bring them back.

Images Source: Facebook / Doodles Of Saskatoon

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