Dog Parents Painted Two Costumes On The Fence For Their Dogs To "Wear"!

Although Covid-19 has brought with it a lot of sadness, it is not all gloom. The pandemic has drawn attention to some beautiful things around us that probably wouldn’t have caught our interest if we were still super focused on our jobs and other stuff.

When someone in Denmark saw a bulldog staring through a painted fence while walking on a path, it was adorable so they posted it on social media. They probably had no idea it would become such a hit. For most of the thousands of people, who watched the video, liked it and shared it, it was merely an anonymous cute dog but now, details about the dog and his parents have emerged.


Kongen af Vejen
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Posted by 112nyheder on Friday, 1 May 2020

Bogart is a bulldog whose parent, Ranveig Bjorklid Levinson, is from Grasten, Denmark. The video went viral in Denmark, after being on the page of one of the biggest influencers in the country. It was also featured on a Norwegian dog group. When the parent saw the video on social media, she immediately shared it on her page.

Ranveig, the pet parent, lives with her husband, Claus, and her two bulldogs, one of whom is Bogart, the dog in the viral video. They all live in an old house built in 1814 in the Southern part of Denmark. The other dog is named Winston who also happens to be Bogart’s mother. Winston gave birth to 8 puppies and the family kept Bogart, the youngest and cutest of them. According to the pet parent, Bogart has a unique personality and is extremely funny. Really, who wouldn’t love such a dog?

So what’s the story of this dog? Why was he staring through the wall in the first place? Ravneig’s house is close to a walking path, with several people using the route every day. The sound of people going and coming piques the interest and curiosity of the dogs and they try to see what’s happening. The only challenge is the fence blocking the dog’s view of the path.

To prevent the dogs climbing over the fence, Ravneig made two holes that allowed the dogs to put their heads through the wall. She then had the idea that painting the other side of the wall would make it funnier, so her daughter made the paintings of a crown and a Jester hat just above the holes. Ranveig explained that the idea was from similar holes in amusement parks where you can put your head through holes and have your photo taken as a character or an animal.

The reaction to the dogs’ faces in the holes and the fence paintings have been really great. Total strangers have reached out to Ranveig to applaud her and express their admiration of her pets and the paintings. Ranveig really didn’t expect her little project with her pets to be such a hit but she doesn’t mind one bit!

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Images Source: Facebook

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