Dog Placed In Isolation After Being Discovered In Home Of Possible COVID-19 Victim

Dog Placed In Isolation After Being Discovered In Home Of Possible COVID-19 Victim

Can COVID-19 affect our dogs? That’s a burning question these days, but sadly, we don’t know. In these unfortunate times of the global pandemic, we have learned so much about the new virus sweeping the planet off, at the same time, not enough.

With this new virus, which has changed our lives dramatically, it still remains unclear if the animals can get affected the same way humans do.

One unusual story comes from Jurupa Valley in California where a dog was put in isolation after he was found in a home where his 46-year-old parent died earlier, possibly from Covid-19. After being contacted by the Sheriff of the Riverside County Sherriff’s Department, Riverside Animal Services officer John Hergereder went to the house and discovered a 1-year-old poodle mix in a crate inside the house. According to the officials, the dog’s parent has been missing from work weeks before that and was suffering from flu-like symptoms.

Following all of the standard precaution procedures, the dog was rescued and placed in an isolation kennel at the Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter in Jurupa, with a sign saying the dog was exposed to someone possibly suffering from Covid-19.

No matter what the final outcome of this unusual and sad story will be, let’s just hope the little doodle will find his new loving forever home after the isolation period is over. Hopefully, it will be someone who can accept the little soul together with its sad destiny and give them both a chance for a long happy together life.

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